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Terms and Conditions





1. Tenants shall not be permitted to sub-let fishings without the prior written approval of the appropriate Proprietor.

2. The maximum number of rods, inclusive of ghillies, permitted to fish (both banks inclusive) at any time shall be four.

3. All fishing shall be in a bona fide fair and sportsmanlike manner. From 1 March to 30th September inclusive, tenants shall observe the 2023
   Conservation Code, which recommends that all salmon, grilse and sea trout should be released back to the river. Tenants are asked to return all fish   
   and not kill any salmon or grilse this year. To assist in the release of fish, all hooks should be barbless with a policy against treble hooks being
   used. From 1st March to 30th September inclusive fly only shall be used. For the avoidance of doubt a copy of the Minute of Agreement between
   Craigendinnie and Aboyne Castle is attached.


4. Access shall be by traditional routes, taking account of stock and crop.

5. Rents are due and shall be paid three months before fishing commences.

6. No publicity or use of social media without prior written consultation with the Proprietor.

7. The Tenant should be able to produce upon request a valid Public Liability Insurance Policy certificate covering himself and guest rods for not less       
    than £1,000,000.


8. Dogs are not permitted on the river bank unless kept under control.

9. The Tenant and any guests must wear and use his/her own personal protective equipment where appropriate.  This should include chest waders,
    wading stick, appropriate clothing and flotation equipment to marine standards.


10. Tenants are asked to ensure all their guests receive and hopefully read a copy of these conditions


COVID-19 Fishing Rules

All rods and ghillies must follow all current Government guidelines on COVID19 in place at the time of fishing.

The Estate reserves the right to adjust and update these Terms and Conditions at any time to reflect Government guidelines on COVID19 with particular regard to social distancing and sanitisation.


Gyrodactylus Salaris. With all the precautions against Coronavirus, all beats must continue to maintain protection against Gyrodactylus Salaris.  Disinfectant will be provided and must be used for waders and any other equipment likely to come in contact with the water.


Estate Office



AB34 5LL                                                                                                                                              October 2023

Signed Minute of Agreement

Bank Sharing Agreement for Craigendinnie Fishing
Bank Sharing Agreement for Craigendinnie Fishing
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