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Tackle and Flies


The Dee at Craigendinnie can be a wide river in normal flows and a 15' or 14' double handed rod is required to cover the pools and control the fly. Once Summer arrives and the water is at a lower height then a shorter more delicate rod of about 13` is more appropriate and even a single hander in the lowest water.

The pools are not deep and fast sinking lines are seldom needed, floating or intermediate lines with or without tips will suit most conditions. As a rule, fish fine and far off with as delicate presentation as possible especially in low clear water. Remember the water is very clear and the fish are easily spooked, so do not wade too deep.


The Upper Dee runs crystal clear for most of the time and consequently the fly stands out exceptionally. It is a time served custom that a fly one size smaller than perhaps you would use elsewhere is most appropriate.

In Spring with clear water black and yellow: black, silver and blue dark winged flies and those with a touch of green or a Durris Shrimp are productive. If the water has a touch of colour in it then the Cascade especially with a green body, gold bodied Willie Gun, Park Shrimp and Dee Monkey will not go a miss. Sizes to suit water height and temperature. An
intermediate line with tips can fish well in the early season.

As the water warms over 48 - 50 we come to the cream of Dee floating line fishing with or without poly leaders in May and June. Although not as fashionable as once was the case a full floating line takes fish every year with the added excitement of seeing the fish come to the fly.


Traditional hairwing doubles work well, Stoats Tails, Silver Stoats, Executioner, Crathie, Gledswood Shrimp, Blue Charm and Stoats tails with blue, yellow and orange throats, the choice is yours. When the water has a peaty tinge a fly with a little more colour especially orange is good eg small Cascades, Ally Shrimps and Willie Guns, each to their own.

As the season progresses flies with more orange, yellow and red are favoured when the Park Shrimp, Frances, Calvins and Pert Shrimp come into play.

Typical Upper Dee Salmon flies
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